It is no accident that you landed on my website – so, take a seat and enjoy the ride! 

Hi, I’m Emily:

  • a Twenty-something corporate CPA turned relentless entrepreneur
  • a Woman of faith, adoring military wife, and furbaby mom of one.
  • a Lifestyle coach who helps driven women that feel unfulfilled in their day to day achieve self-empowerment and freedom, by implementing health & nutrition, lifestyle shifts, and accountability.

I love BRIGHT colors, BIG smiles & comfy clothes. I love meeting NEW people, getting lost in VISION, giving back in any way possible, and trying NEW things. I am an advocate of sweaty selfies, sing/dancing like no one is watching, laughing until you cry AND crossing things off your to-do list.

I am ridiculously PASSIONATE about people being their most authentic selves, establishing their OWN definition of SUCCESS, dreaming BIG and living life on their own terms.

My mission is to empower others to find their true strength through growth!

I always knew I was meant to help people but never had an avenue to do so until I found my way into lifestyle coaching. The truth is, I am far from a health, fitness & personal growth expert but I learned the importance of all three in living your BEST life! It wasn’t until I found Beachbody, that I truly understood the way to self-empowerment by finding my true strength through growth – physically, mentally and emotionally.  

I understand the power of taking back control over your life and wanted to be able to gift women, like me, a simple way to living their best life by providing them the love, motivation & accountability needed to get there. 

One way I am fulfilling my mission is through Team Upper Echelon, a FAMILY of online LIFESTYLE coaches that EMPOWER others focus on nutrition, fitness, and personal growth. We grow together and we teach together. 

To learn more about coaching and our mission check out Team Upper Echelon or shoot me a message from the CONTACT page!

On this site, you will find …

…a BLOG full of trials, triumphs & stories of growth. I will provide resources to learn more about overall wellness including fitness & nutrition, yummy CLEAN recipes, and personal development.  I love to provide tips & tricks on how to navigate life whether it is with recipes, workouts, easy healthy alternatives or life fulfilling practices. Feel free to sign up for my newsletter too – it is strictly focused on adding value to others’ lives!

Are you ready to live your best life?

To work with me, you must be:

  • willing to jump outside of your comfort zone.
  • willing to work hard, push yourself, and be accountable.
  • willing to DREAM BIG!

Let’s Connect:

Facebook Group: The Strength. Growth. Empowerment Community
Facebook Page: Emily V Bowie – Lifestyle Coach
Facebook Personal Page: Emily V Bowie
Instagram: @theempoweredwomanlifestyle

Everyone is on a journey in life,
and if you think that ours are leading in the same direction,
you KNOW how to contact me.

Truly, thank you for being here & letting me… be ME!
I cannot wait to meet you!