I am backkkkk… and, after a much needed break, I decided to start sharing more about those passion projects I was SO adamant about finding in the last year! So, here goes nothing…

As a former military wife, there are a couple of things I know the ins + outs of … & that is MOVING & decorating a new house! My husband and I are on our 3rd move in 4 years…

Trust me, I know… I am exhausted thinking about it!

This most recent move has been a bit tricky since we not only downsized but we found out quickly north central FL homes have their own unique flare and flat-out weird floor plans.

There has been A LOT of maneuvering to make this house our home.  I was fortunate enough to receive TWO amazing pieces from Ameriwood Home that spiced up our collection of discount/chalk painted furniture.

Ameriwood Home Entertainment Center:

Ameriwood Home Accent Table:

After a fun day of assembling, I was inspired to share a few tips + tricks that I’ve picked up over the years…

First things first, set aside a good hour or two and grab a partner. Most of the time, you won’t be able to do finagle it all on your own! It took me about two hours & a husband to put both pieces together … all the while, I was taking pictures + recording.

Make a space: to assemble your furniture and preferably do it where you’d like to keep the piece! There is nothing worse than moving a large piece of furniture plus it reduces the chances of dinging it up. Oh, and environment is everything – turn on some tunes and make sure you have adequate lighting to see.

Grab your tools: a hammer, screw driver, allen wrench and a towel. Most kits come with everything you need but I like to have my tools handy – just in case!

Get organized: Unwrap and wipe down all the pieces & toss the packaging. I recommend not only laying out the pieces in numerical/alphabetical order for easy access but it’s a quick way to ensure you have all the items you need. Yes, that means not only counting those big pieces but all the screws, dowels, etc. too. I recommend leaving the small pieces in the numbered bag, that way you don’t lose any of them!

PRO-tip: keep the stickers on the pieces (in places you cannot see) just in case there comes a time you have to un-assemble/re-assemble… you can follow the instructions again!

Peruse the assembly instructions: After making sure you have all the necessary pieces, take time to go over each step + looking over each piece. When you take the time on the front end, you’re least likely to make mistakes and preventing the assembling/un-assembling/reassembling dilemma. Yes, I know from previous experience.

PRO-tip: Many pieces look-alike – so, be sure to compare the pieces to the diagrams – shape, size + unique attributes of each.

Get to work: Now, its time to make it happen!!

PRO-tip: Don’t tighten all your screws at first – screw each of them and tighten when everything is aligned!

Lastly, have fun with it! Enjoy the process! Arrange, rearrange and even paint your pieces to fit YOUR space.  A little chalk paint goes a LONG way when mixing and matching pieces!

I hope these tips and tricks help with your next furniture assembly adventure. Also, be sure to check back for my next post with different ways to use each piece in different spaces and in different ways!

Emily, xo