Hello, Hellllllooooo… I am SO excited to share my GREAT for this past week. It is hard to put into words how monumental this specific event was to me.  But, I am going to try..so, bare with me while I get all up in my FEELS! My TWENTY-SEVENTH great of my #fiftyfirstgreats was a speaking engagement at Sigma Kappa sorority at NC State! Hands down one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life!

To give you a little background, the whole purpose of this #fiftyfirstgreats journey is figure out what sets my soul on fire.  What I learned early on is I really enjoy helping people.  However, I had struggled with what that looked like and my vision (really, God’s vision) for my life.  About two months ago, I got VERY clear on said vision and was able to hammer out a mission statement to finally put into words what I was meant to do on this earth.  What I found through all the soul searching and praying, I am meant to not only help people but specifically help women.  I am meant to mentor women through the process of building/strengthening their foundation of self worth and assist them in seeing the importance of defining success for themselves.  I know it seems pretty specific, but when you know …you know! How did I figure it out, well mainly because it is those two things I struggle with the most.  It really puts a fire in my belly to share what I have learned and how I navigate it each and everyday.  I am clear on WHAT I am meant to do and WHY I am meant to do it but the HOW keeps manifesting in different ways – which is extremely exciting!

As a lifestyle coach, I have the pleasure of working one on one or groups of women.  I help them figure out a fitness & nutrition plan that works for them, lifestyle shifts that need to need to be made to allow them to live their best and hold them accountable through their journey.  Though I LOVE what I do, it just did not feel like it was enough.  I wanted to reach more women.  The ladies I work with as a coach, they have identified their problem and are willing to seek help.  But, what about those lost souls that don’t know … what they don’t know?  The ones that think their less than colorful existence is normal.  The ones who have never been challenged to be better or the ones that thought they never had it in them to be.  How do I reach them?  How do I reach those that are like my former self?  The ones that are just as capable of doing great things but do not know it yet!  The truth is, all I needed was one person to plant the seed of belief in my mind and I started to realize my potential.  I want to be that person for more women.  But, how?

Needless to say, when you find something that sets your soul on fire it consumes your thoughts.  For weeks + months, I have been trying to find different ways to fulfill this mission of mine.  I started small, mainly by reflecting on the pivotal moments in my life that I believed if I had that strong foundation of self worth and success earlier on would have changed my life.  I thought about times in my life I felt vulnerable, constantly seeking acceptance/approval from others and could have really used that belief in myself and what I have to offer.  Thinking back, it would have been anywhere from 13 – 22 years old.  These are years where most of my defining moments in my life occurred and my reaction was a direct reflection on how I felt about myself.  So, if someone wanted to make a difference when would have been the best time to jump in?  The more I reflected I realized had I had that foundation going into middle school and during college it would have made all the difference. After reflecting for a few weeks, I decided to put my ear to the ground and started listening to other women and found this to be true for themselves and their daughters.  With this confirmation, I began brainstorming ways I could get involved with women at these point in their live.  What I came up with is WHY I ended up speaking to this amazing group of women! But before we jump to it, it might be easier to understand how each event has played out since I got SUPER clear on my goals.

To summarize my months of pondering and acting, I came up with with a long term goal which is to: create a non-profit program that helps at risk girls that are between the ages of 8 – 12 years old focused on helping them build a strong foundation of self worth and learn the importance of defining success for themselves.  I believe reaching them by their tween years will make a monumental difference in the decisions they make in their lives and about themselves.  Everything I have done since I got super clear on my goal was to support moving towards it each and everyday.  I started to put this in motion in my everyday life – asking questions to my coaches and challengers.  To understand what is at the root of what they’re struggling with and how we can fix it.  I started volunteering at an after school program to learn more about how kids in the 8-12 age range learn, feel and interact together.  It has been such a fulfilling experience, I even blogged about it.. Check it out here.  From there, I really wanted to expand my lifestyle coaching in face to face interaction (most of what I do is online).  I felt the personal touch would have a greater impact on women.  It led me to start reaching out to several different young women’s organizations.  I started by offering fit clubs (see blog post), to have that real life interaction and to be able to see how they interact and support each other allowing me provide better guidance.  At each fit club I booked, I felt compelled to share my story of who I am and how I got to where I am today with the hope that I would reach someone who needed to hear it.  To instill that belief, I so desperately needed at that age. Out of nowhere, this amazing opportunity to speak in front of 50+ women presented itself. I jumped before I even knew I had anything to talk about, haha!

“Think about it: What’s the worst thing that can happen to you if you just totally go for it?”

― Grant Cardone, The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure

With the above quote in mind, that is exactly what I did! I went for it and I decided if it ended up a complete failure .. at least I tried, right?!  Truth be told, I was PETRIFIED.  Not many people know this but, I am completely terrified of failure (well, use to be) AND I get totally nervous raising my hand in class (to the point I have a shaky voice and a pounding heart) because of all the attention on me …why the HECK did I think I could do this?! Honestly, this is WAY outside of my comfort zone even though I felt compelled to just go for it.

Was I really going to step center stage in front of women talk about FEELINGS?!  Yeah, feelings.. those things that are so hard for me to tap into.. SO much so, that it takes me a FULL day on Thursdays to write my “all in the FEELS” blog posts especially this one .. that I had to wait until Friday to finish .. sorry for my avid #fiftyfirstgreats blog reader, haha.

Needless to say, I never in a million years thought I would be doing this.  However, I knew this is really where I could make an impact.  College is four years of learning, self reflection and growing.  It is the time in your life when you decide what kind of person you’re going to be.  If I could share my story and at least get them thinking, that is all I needed to do.  With rationalizing away the pressure, I found a new sense of relief and excitement thinking about the event.  I put together a simple slideshow, made a few notes on what I wanted to share, asked for a few prayers, and I was ready.

Upon arriving, I was told to keep it short and sweet because unfortunately the ladies tend not to be overly engaged with speakers and would likely be on their phones the whole time.  They told me not to be offended.  I totally understood, I was totally that person.. If something didn’t pertain to me I was doing more “important” things.  As I stood in front of all the ladies, waiting for the meeting I ran through each of the points I wanted to hit on and said a little prayer, lol.  Ok, let’s do this.  I open with what I do then transitioned into how I started doing what I do as a lifestyle coach then this is where the MAGIC happens.  I went on to talk about my life before college, in college, at the firm (my previous FT job) and now my life as an entrepreneur. I talked about the evolution of self belief, the importance of knowing your worth and what you have to offer the world.  Wouldn’t you know, every single time I looked around .. all eyes were on me.  I didn’t see one person on their phone – there were a ton of nods, smiles and wheels spinning in the audience.  It was an amazing feel to keep 50+ (I don’t know the exact count – there was a lot of them though, LOL) women who are not “overly engaged” hanging onto every word of my story. I don’t share this to boast but to rather let you know when you are passionate about something.. It shines through in everything you do.  I am not a speaker by any means but since I have the fire burning ..they could feel it.  They wanted it that fire too!  I walked out on CLOUD 9 ..just really feeling confident that this is one of many ways to fulfill my mission and goals.  Not only did they ask me to come back, but I even had several ladies reach out to me immediately after and within the next couple days because they felt hope hearing my story.  What an amazing feeling to reap the benefit of the seeds you’ve sown so quickly?! It just further solidified, this is what I need to be doing.  I need to be getting in front of large groups and sharing my TRUTH.  The best part of it all .. is my job just started after finishing my speech.  I planted the seed and now I have to help them grow it.  Talk about pivotal moments in your life. This was definitely one for me. I still can’t stop smiling thinking about it. I cannot wait to do this again!

Imagine what your life would be like with that strong foundation of belief in yourself. If you’re in the same place I was and are ready to take a positive step in living your best life, contact me and I’d love to chat with you.