Hello, it’s me! ::in my best Adele voice!:: Yay, kids… get excited because we are halfway there!! That’s right, halfway to me finding myself ..hah! I just completed my TWENTY-FIFTH of my #fiftyfirstgreats! How freaking exciting is that?! Welp, this week I got a good one for you…my first time CRUISIN’!

As with most things I have written about along this journey, I was completely unprepared for this trip.  I signed up late for the trip (oops!) and despite earning it (meaning I qualified for the all expense paid trip by Beachbody) I was numero 6k on the waitlist and thought I would have NO hope of getting there.  But, much to my surprise, I received an email congratulating me on getting off the waitlist and letting me know, not only did I get off but it was on their DIME! How cool is that?! This isn’t my first trip with Beachbody for being a leader in the company …but it is my FIRST trip on a SHIP!

::side note:: It is crazy how the universe works – I had cruising on my list of #fiftyfirstgreats but no idea when I would have time to do it. Then, BAM! Here comes the opportunity – pretty cool right?!

Due to it being an unexpected trip, I booked my flight and left preparing everything else until the week before. To be fair, this girl was BUSY! As you may recall ..I was hosting fit club after fit club, retreatin’ in Utah, shooting guns in Idaho, having a girls weekend and then out of nowhere it was the week before the cruise! SCRAMBLING, yes, it’s my usual state prior to a trip! I hurriedly got everything together – printed my docs, pulled out my passport, grabbed the sunscreen and packed an outfit paired for each themed night.  THEN, I received a text from BB that this girl qualified for the celebrity photo op!  SAY WHAAATTT, this is an AWESOME opportunity – don’t get me wrong …but I was way more pumped to find out that I’ve helped so many people in the first 9 days of the month that qualified me for this opportunity. How stinkin’ cool is that?! Alright, another cute outfit goes into the bag! I was ready ..well, until I realized on the way to the airport, those documents I printed and passport I pulled out.. Well, they were still sitting on my desk. EKKK…that could have been bad! Luckily, my much more composed husband, busted a U-ey and we got them.  The only sad part about this AMAZING opportunity was my hubby couldn’t go due to his schedule! So, I had to make it a girls trip w/ one of my coaches, Hillary …DARN 😉 No but forreal tho, I was sad for a moment but realized this was just as an amazing opportunity for her as it was for me!  Ahh, I was so pumped – we were heading in a day early to spend time exploring Ft. Lauderdale and to be on time for “All Aboard”.


But, anyways…I met Hillary at the FLL airport, we dropped off our bags at the hotel & immediately headed to the water! This girl needed some vitamin SEA in her life! It had been a LONG six months away from the ocean.  We took a stroll by the water, grabbed a bite to eat and enjoyed the serenade from a man strumming a guitar.  It was fantastic post flight adventure followed by a nice dinner with my coach – Lauren and my success partner – Stephanie! The next morning, Hillary + Steph & I decided to take a nice 4 mile run down to the water to envision the amazing 5 days that awaits us.

I mean, how many jobs have you had that rewards your hard work with an all expenses paid trip AND aboard the world’s LARGEST cruise ship to The Bahamas & Jamaica?!?!  I NEVER HAVE!



Before we knew it, ALL ABOARD..this dream vacation has commenced! First up lunch – we made a BEeline to the all you can eat buffet as we waited for our rooms to open up.  There was literally EVERYTHING there ..except, healthy food.  Well, that’s probably not true but it was slim pickings and I had my sights on TREATING myself, haha.  After a little guiltless indulgence, we headed up to our room.  We were on the 14th deck (close to EVERYTHING) w/ a balcony overlooking the courtyard.  A welcome note + a special addressed envelope made out to me! Much to my surprise, this girl earned an onboard credit compliments of Beachbody for my hard work last year. So, not only do I get a free cruise but I get extra spending $$** … How freaking cool is that?!?! I’m feeling awfully spoiled at this point! I decided to put that baby to good use and quickly made my way to the SPA! I am totally not the type to splurge on something like that for myself but when BB is taking care of the check – so, why not?! I earned it.. RIGHT! Plus, who doesn’t need a little pampering a day in port in the Bahamas!  This girl got the work up – seaweed wrap & massage, teeth whitening (first time ever – loved it!) and a facial. I. WAS. IN. HEAVEN! To be honest, my spa excursion took up most of the evening and I wasn’t mad about it ;). We had an 5am wakeup call for a 4 mile run before we spent some quality time working out with Autumn Calabrese. Yes, we worked out LIVE with the creator of the 21 Day Fix! How cool, right?! After numerous selfies & squats – we got ourselves together & ready for the BAHAMAS!




Ah, what about beautiful place! We didn’t book any excursion – rather, we decided to WING IT! We strolled off the boat & lucked into meeting Pearly who took us around Nassau + Paradise Island for $20.  Best $20 I spent all trip, we got to see a few historical sites like the Queen’s Staircase and the fun touristy stuff like the Atlantis on Paradise Island! I even got to drink out of a COCONUT! After a little sightseeing & a little shopping, we headed back to the boat for formal night! Hillary and I got all gussied up, headed to dinner and then reconvened for pictures with our teammates. Post photoshoot, we changed and grabbed a table chatting it up with everyone for hours!  Besides the obvious fun things we got to do, spending time with some of my FAVORITE people made the trip an unforgettable experience.  We stayed up WAY too late & woke up WAY too early – but we couldn’t miss our workout with Joel & Jericho!



We squatted, push-uped and lunged our way through it.  It was a new workout and man was I sore after! Good thing it was a sea day and relaxing by the pool was on the agenda! We sunned, we relaxed and we ate. All the makings of a good sea day! We headed into our cabins to get ready for dinner and pre-70s party in our upline, Brandi’s suite! She took “Go big or go home” to the extreme in her top deck cabin that overlooked the entire back of the ship including the amphitheatre where all the shows were! We mixed + mingled and eventually headed out for the night..but, didn’t make it very far! I got dressed up in my 70s attire – made a round, caught the YMCA and the themed gogo dancers… and headed to bed!



This girl was tired – which explains how we overslept & missed the workout …oops!  It all worked out because ended up getting tickets to head to the beach in Jamaica!  Another good move on our part, what a beautiful beach & so much fun in the sun! I even tried legit Jamaican jerk pork – delicioso! We had to be back on the boat early for an early dinner, an ADULT scavenger hunt (if they offer this on your cruise – DO IT) & a glow dance party.  Talk about a good time! Ahh, we rounded out the trip with a day at sea! This was the most low key day of the trip – we attended the Top 10 (coaches) panel, did some business strategizing, I photo oped with the celebrity trainers & Carl (the CEO) and rounded out our trip with a freaking HILARIOUS comedy show!  It was the perfect way to end the trip!

In short, this trip was FABULOUS! I NEVER thought I would be part of a company that would take me on a dream Caribbean vacation to spend 5 full days with some of my best friends and reward me for doing something I love! Here’s the crazy thing… when I first decided to become a coach I had NO IDEA what I was doing… heck, some days I still don’t, lol. I had no experience and was so new on my own journey there was still a good chance you’d find me face first in THAI food once a week (more like twice a week).. but I knew how amazing I would feel after I got in shape, so I just wanted to help a few other people do the same thing. Ok ok, and the discount sounded pretty good too.  The want to help compounded over time and qualified me to not only to take one but TWO trips like this and I am on track for a third NEXT YEAR!  I have never felt SO blessed in my entire life.  Who knew when I decided to get that discount, I was changing the whole trajectory of my life?! I didn’t! But, I am SO glad I did!

Until next time…

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