HELLO, HELLO – Welcome to my TWENTY FIRST great of my #fiftyfirstgreats. I will start by saying this one is DEEP.. like, my heart is jumping out of my chest as I write this intro kind of deep.  This great is about facing my BIGGEST FEAR… FEAR itself.  I know, I know ..you’re probably thinking… ok, where are you going with this?  Don’t worry, I got you!

I was recently featured on the 8 Minute Millionaire podcast (click here) for a session focused on Overcoming Fear.

I was so PUMPED because I loveeee this podcast!

“8 Minute Millionaire is all about developing the MINDSET of a millionaire, breaking through limiting beliefs and behaviors that can hold you back, and learning how to take action to reach your first $1,000,000! You CAN live your dreams and achieve financial freedom. Join us on this raw, wild, and insightful ride as we share with you what we’ve learned and what has worked for us on our own journey to 7 figures!” – Justin & Tara Williams ((http://8minutemillionaire.com/about/))

I mean – seriously, how cool – right?!

Yup, me?!  Two minutes into the session – it hits me, my biggest fear is about to be realized AND exposed… the word petrified, doesn’t give justice to what I was feeling at the time.

FEAR – it’s a crazy thing. I talk about it a lot …Why? because it is what has held me back from achieving my full potential with pretty much anything I have or HAVEN’T done in my life.  Look, I am by no means saying feel sorry for me or I was a complete waste of space or anything.  In fact, on paper, I looked like the complete opposite – CPA, six-figure job, promoted early to manager at a Big Four accounting firm, ran a side hustle, loving marriage, healthy/fit, owned a house, a rental property… wasn’t doing too bad in my mid to late twenties.  But, I wasn’t really living my life… I was going through the motions consumed in the moment and lost in the chaos.  It wasn’t until I quit my FT job and really committed to this journey of self-discovery that I was able to peel back the layers of what has been holding me back not only in my life but in my new flourishing business.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m in the top 1% of Beachbody coaches but I just know in my gut I am capable of SO much more.  But, what is holding me from being GREATER?  This is where fear really rears its ugly head. It isn’t the lack of knowledge nor the ability that is holding me back, but it is… I bet you can guess, I mean really you are smart… yup, you got it.. FEAR!  Hah, imagine that!  So, when I heard Tara Williams (co-host of 8 min millionaire) was hosting a session on overcoming fear – I jumped at it without even thinking.  This is normally something I would usually avoid all together but the timing was just right.  I don’t know about you, but I have this strong sense of blind faith where I never really question that God has a hand in everything that is put in front of me.  I knew this opportunity was just one step along the way of breaking through this wall I have had up blocking me from my GREATNESS!

Ok, I volunteered to walk through my fears… I get on the call, my palms are sweating, my day was already all out of sorts with the ice/snow storm, and I am two seconds away from calling it quits due to “technology”.  Despite the very appealing urge to skip town and ask for forgiveness later, I stuck around and I am SO glad I did.  First, how cool is it to be featured on someone’s podcast.. AWESOME first great ((CHECK)) & Second, how cool would it be if this worked and it lit the fire I needed to finally break down that wall I have I had up for so many years.  What did I have to lose?! Well, except my lunch… hah, dramatic…I know!

Ok, to be honest I had no idea what expect but I knew I wanted to be as transparent as I possible could be.  If you watch the video or listen to the podcast, Tara guides me slowly but surely through what’s been holding me back & as I suspected it’s the FEAR of telling my WHOLE story.  It’s not that I am lying or intentionally being deceptive but rather its not my story ALONE.  I usually tell MY story just enough to allow people to understand why an event is so MONUMENTAL to me but not a word more.  And, if I am being honest I rarely tell that unless it’s on my blog… why?  Well, there are a MILLION reasons but mainly because I didn’t want to hurt anyone.  I am the type of person who could NEVER do something knowing it would hurt someone else.  That being said, in my mind not telling my whole TRUTH was protecting my parents.  It was sparing them from airing our dirty laundry and recounting every little mistake they made along the way.  However, through this call Tara reminds me it’s not my burden to bear and maybe if I gave it back to them (figuratively speaking, of course) maybe they could do some healing & growing themselves.  The more we talked, the more set I was on opening up.  She challenged me to record my WHY.  The reason I do what I do – you know, that WHY that makes you cry.  So, I did… I recorded my WHY video ((it’s a tad on the LONG side)) but it’s 100% raw and real.