A couple years ago, I did something absolutely nuts and started a company. I decided to throw all in and start an HR Firm. Over time, I scored big accounts, nurtured meaningful relationships with peers, and developed great client relationships which lead to a strong referral program. In that time, I grew a business that is now valuated at over $900k. I’m in my twenties, so this was and is a big deal to me on a personal level.

As I Became A Boss Bitch, I Gained 30 Pounds
What went wrong and how I’m fixing it.

I just brought on my first investor, I’m hiring staff, and I am having two drink lunches with amazing souls while I complain about how busy I am. According to American standards, I’ve made it.

…and… I gained 30 pounds. As my business grew, I grew.

Pause. THIRTY POUNDS. *drops mic, walks off stage, head down*

Guys, I hardly think I am FAT. I am 5’2 though, so the extra weight definitely shows on my frame, and honestly, in my face. I used to be waify, and now I am a little chubby.

So… why? Why did I gain the weight? Y’all, I have given it a ton of thought, and without beating myself up, I am going to share with you where I made my mistake.

  1. I ate my feelings. Yeah, a bad day = pizza and wine. Right? I’m a chick. I DESERVE THIS. This food feeds my soul. This cheese makes me feel sane again. Newsflash, ladies. LAUNCHING A BUSINESS YIELDS A LOT OF BAD DAYS. True story. So it was literally pizza 4x a week. Hellllllllllo, love handles.

  2. It became easier to put off working out, because I was on calls with clients. My catch up is later in the day. During working hours, I was developing leads. During 5p-8p hours, I was discovering more. I used to run every night. I justified not running by saying to myself, “A, you’re building a company. Breathe. Have a glass of wine. And some pizza. Make the phone call.”

  3. I dated a heavy guy. He didn’t take care of himself at all. When we began dating, I was regimented. I ran two miles a day. I did p90x. My ex did not do these things. Whoops. Yikes. I almost wonder if my subconscious sought him out because I was enjoying all the pizza. Dating this guy took a toll on me physically. What did he want to do in the evenings? Netflix, drink, and eat. The next night? Same. I watched all of The League- but damn. I did little else. His bad habits rubbed off on me.

  4. I had to get all dressed up every day. This has changed a lot, but yes, in the beginning I had to LOOK the part. I can now walk into meetings in sweats and apologize… never. In the beginning, my morning routine was about 1.5 hours long. I had hair down to my ass. I curled it every day. Shwew. Ridiculous, I know. I chopped it all off last year and it has saved me an hour in the morning. I can now work out again… but in the beginning, I didn’t because I was too busy CURLING MY HAIR *shakes head in shame*. How ridiculous.

  5. I ate meat. I’m a vegetarian now. I won’t push my views on you, but meat= yuck. I was eating a lot of meat very frivolously, and it took the place of greens and colors! I needed to be eating fruit and veggies with a side of meat. Not meat with a side of fruit and veggies.

  6. I didn’t drink Shakeology once a day. Instead, I had waffles with cream cheese and sprinkles. I wish I were joking. Call Emily Bowie and sign up for Beachbody today. Just do it. Whether you stick with it or not- it will show you what you’re doing wrong. It opened my eyes.

  7. In all seriousness, I even neglected my dog. She’s my soulmate, guys. She is the animal that does life next to me. She got a little heavy as well. I remember going into the vet and seeing that she had gained 27 pounds, and I wrote myself a hall pass. A big one. I bought more expensive food and neglected the exercise portion of helping her be healthy.

So… how did I turn this around?

  1. I’m running again. I don’t even take my phone with me. This is me time. Austin time. My meditation time. I can make time for me. I have to make myself a priority. If I don’t, no one will. I usually run early in the morning, before the “business day” starts. This helps me stay on task with my work out. If I do it in the evening, it cuts into my social time- and let’s face it, I need this time for networking. If I work out in the morning, literally NO PART OF MY LIFE is negatively impacted.

  2. I’m dating a healthy guy who cares about HIS body, which makes me want to care about mine. You are a product of the five people you spend the most time with. Remember that. We hike, we explore, we bike. We go running and encourage each other.

  3. When I am stressed, I have some Kombucha, not some pizza. Specifically, Tribucha’s Kombucha. The Brainiac flavor. I get it at 110 Yoga. I’m good friends with the owner. He cares about his body and the health of everyone around him. 🙂 The Kombucha is healthy for my gut. It helps break down food. It gives me energy. Try it. You won’t regret it. Sometimes I just don’t want water. This is an excellent substitute.

  4. I am a vegetarian who cares about the quality of the food I am feeding my body. I cook for myself, I buy fresh foods, I have to THINK about my proteins- not just indulge absentmindedly. I am putting energy towards my wellness, and in return, my body is loving me.

  5. I am taking my dog on half hour walks every day. She’s down 8 pounds. It’s been 3 months. I call that a win in the dog world. Our vet is thrilled, her behavior has changed, and we are getting healthy together.

My best advice is to spend a little time in front of a mirror, looking yourself in the eye- not the thigh. Talk to yourself about YOU. You matter. Balance matters. Health matters. This is the only body you’ll get in your WHOLE LIFE, in this life (or ever- depending on what you believe). Take care of it. My mom tells me, “The only person who can take the BEST care of you, is YOU.” Believe that. I’m down 6 pounds and I’m super proud of myself. Next step? Domonique Jones is going to help me lose the other 20 (my assistant is a Beachbody coach… if THAT’S not the Universe telling me to make a change, I don’t know what is). Signing off, A.

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