My Twenty Second Great – Fit Clubbin’


Hey Ya’ll!! Today, I am excited to share with you about ALL the FUN I have been having this past week! That’s right, we are on my twenty-second great of my #fiftyfirstgreats. I did something new.. well, not new per se but something different…something I have never done before.  I held not one but TWO fit clubs.. and at these fit clubs I shared my story! This might not seem like a HUGE feat since you see my story in different variations each week but this is BIG, REALLY BIG for me!

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My Twenty First Great – As Heard on 8MM


HELLO, HELLO – Welcome to my TWENTY FIRST great of my #fiftyfirstgreats. I will start by saying this one is DEEP.. like, my heart is jumping out of my chest as I write this intro kind of deep.  This great is about facing my BIGGEST FEAR… FEAR itself.  I know, I know’re probably thinking… ok, where are you going with this?  Don’t worry, I got you!

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Coaching SPECIAL GUEST BLOG: As I Became A Boss B*tch, I Gained 30 Pounds.


A couple years ago, I did something absolutely nuts and started a company. I decided to throw all in and start an HR Firm. Over time, I scored big accounts, nurtured meaningful relationships with peers, and developed great client relationships which lead to a strong referral program. In that time, I grew a business that is now valuated at over $900k. I’m in my twenties, so this was and is a big deal to me on a personal level.

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My Twentieth Great – COACH ME!


Welcome, welcome! I am so glad to have YOU here today to share with you my TWENTIETH first of my #fiftyfirstgreats! This past week has been really interesting for me.  For the first time in FOREVER, I had to bare with being snowed (well, really ICED) in for two whole days.  For someone like me, that is a long time because I am 100% on the go all the time!

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My Nineteenth Great – FIND YOUR HAPPINESS!


Hello, HELLLLOOO party people! Welcome back to another installment of my #fiftyfirstgreats. My nineteenth great is something I am SO excited to share with you because it is very close to my heart – & it is volunteering for the Y! I have always had a burning desire to give back but never had the time nor the motivation to do it regularly.  I always said growing up, my ideal life would be to work part-time & volunteer part-time.

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