My Twenty-Sixth Great – Half-Marathonin’


Have you done something you NEVER thought you could do?  Well, I have..running a half marathon! To be frank with you, I never really had a desire to do it either. Running has always been very intimidating and miserable for me.  Being overweight a majority of my life, I avoided it at all cost not because I didn’t want to be healthy but the embarrassment outweighed the benefit in my mind.  It was NEVER going to be my thing… or, so I thought!

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My Twenty Second Great – Fit Clubbin’


Hey Ya’ll!! Today, I am excited to share with you about ALL the FUN I have been having this past week! That’s right, we are on my twenty-second great of my #fiftyfirstgreats. I did something new.. well, not new per se but something different…something I have never done before.  I held not one but TWO fit clubs.. and at these fit clubs I shared my story! This might not seem like a HUGE feat since you see my story in different variations each week but this is BIG, REALLY BIG for me!

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My Sixteenth Great – Run, Run, RUNNNNN


Howdy!! Welcome to another installment of Emily’s #fiftyfirstgreats ((in my best ANNOUNCERS voice))- gah, I make myself chuckle! Let’s be honest, you have to be your own biggest fan right?! Right?! LOL …Anyways, this week is focusing on one thing I NEVER thought I would do… voluntarily RUN! HAH – I’m laughing because honestly it’s the LAST thing I would have CONSIDERED doing.

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My Twelfth Great – Can you HOOP it?


Hi Y’all! My eight year-old self is totally DIEING INSIDE with this week’s great 🙂 I have always loved, loved, LOVED music & dance since I was a an teeny weeny baby.  As long as I can remember, I would sing & dance any chance I got, REGARDLESS of my surroundings – in private, in public, in the car NAME it .. I have ASSAULTED it with song and dance, LOL.

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My Eleventh Great – Rockin’ and Rolling Up a Wall!


It’s been a busy but FUN WEEK! I was in San Diego for SIX days celebrating Mr. & Mrs. Jackson’s nuptials. It was fantastic – met lots of new people and enjoyed spending time with old ones. It was definitely an event for the books but Geesh am I spent!  Having that much fun is much harder the older you get HAHA.

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