My Seventeenth Great – Adult Play-doh


Yay! I am excited to be able to get back to sharing my #FIFTYFIRSTGREATS adventure. This week is going to chronicle my Christmas craft for the Bowie clan & #17 of #50.  Way back to … LAST YEAR, I got the STARTLING news that instead of exchanging cards of money (( of the same value, hahaha)) that we were going to be participating in a craft exchange.  The women were going to participate & we each needed to make a craft for every person in the exchange.

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My Sixteenth Great – Run, Run, RUNNNNN


Howdy!! Welcome to another installment of Emily’s #fiftyfirstgreats ((in my best ANNOUNCERS voice))- gah, I make myself chuckle! Let’s be honest, you have to be your own biggest fan right?! Right?! LOL …Anyways, this week is focusing on one thing I NEVER thought I would do… voluntarily RUN! HAH – I’m laughing because honestly it’s the LAST thing I would have CONSIDERED doing.

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My Fifteenth Great – DEFYING GRAVITY


Hello, helloooooo my friends!! I am PUMPED to get this RE-DO fifteenth of my #fiftyfirstgreats JUMPING!! As you may or may not know, this girl had a BIRTHDAY on Friday – it was the big 2-8!  Accordingly, she decided to go out and do something NEW and FUN! HA!  In an effort to be transparent, it was really Lee who decided for me but none the less it was ALL of the above! …and SUPER sweet!! I alluded to it before but just to make it clear and OFFICIAL ..THIS GIRL went JUMPING at a trampoline park called Defy Gravity in Durham!!! yeahhhhhh!

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My Fourteenth Great – 3 DAY HIATUS!


Woohoo… how is everyone’s week? Mine has been FABULOUS!  I have been SUPER productive being UNPLUGGED for the past THREE days from social media!  As you can guess, my THREE day hiatus from every millennial’s favorite pastime is my fourteenth #fiftyfirstgreat.  It may seem a bit odd, but not plugging into social media for 3 days is most definitely a first for me and to do it intentionally is even more insane.

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