My Twenty-Seventh Great – Speakin’ my TRUTH


Hello, Hellllllooooo… I am SO excited to share my GREAT for this past week. It is hard to put into words how monumental this specific event was to me.  But, I am going to, bare with me while I get all up in my FEELS! My TWENTY-SEVENTH great of my #fiftyfirstgreats was a speaking engagement at Sigma Kappa sorority at NC State! Hands down one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life!

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My Twenty-Sixth Great – Half-Marathonin’


Have you done something you NEVER thought you could do?  Well, I have..running a half marathon! To be frank with you, I never really had a desire to do it either. Running has always been very intimidating and miserable for me.  Being overweight a majority of my life, I avoided it at all cost not because I didn’t want to be healthy but the embarrassment outweighed the benefit in my mind.  It was NEVER going to be my thing… or, so I thought!

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My Twenty-Fourth Great – Guns Blazin’


Wooohooo, welcome to another installment of my #fiftyfirstgreats. This one is coming at you with a BANG! Now, what could that mean – am I banging on pots, crashing cars, orrrrrrrrrrr the other kind of banging…. like, shooting a GUN!  WAIT, what?! That’s not what you were thinking? Get your mind out of the gutter!  We run a PG-13 show here… minus a few choice words thrown in for effect 😉 But, let’s get back to it….

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Fifty First Greats Coaching My Twenty-Third Great – Retreatin’


Hey heyyyy party people!! I’m excited to have you back and tell you a little bit about my twenty-third great! First, let me apologize for not updating the blog last week I was crazy busy and without service/wifi for most of it.  However, it did not stop me from trying out some new things. I actually got a lot done the past two weeks but just no time to blog until now.  Let’s just say I was busy soaking up the experience 😉 Don’t worry, I have made time now..

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